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A Tactical Advantage for Trial Lawyers: Introducing iLitigate

Published on Nov 16, 2023 at 8:25 pm in iLitigate.

With the dawning of the new technological age has come a widespread adaptation by numerous industries attempting to capitalize off these innovations to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. As many trial lawyers will tell you, the legal industry is no different. Legal technology, and more specifically, legal trial technology, has advanced greatly in the last decade. However, one problem that has emerged is the lack of a centralized system built specifically to suit the courtroom needs of trial lawyers. While there are a variety of software systems used by law firms, none of them are created specifically with the intention to allow trial lawyers to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

In 2019, Tad Thomas had the idea of fixing this problem. Based upon his own experience as a trial lawyer for more than two decades, Tad embarked on a mission to create a software that would allow trial attorneys in many different fields to not only access documents to work on cases, but also to provide a tool for lawyers to present documents, photographs, videos, and other exhibits during trial, depositions, and hearings.

iLitigate is designed to be compatible with iPads and is an ideal system for firms of any size looking to find ways to collaborate on legal cases more effectively. Whether you are an attorney in solo private practice or work in a firm with several lawyers that all collaborate on cases, iLitigate is designed with the specific intention of allowing you to work on your clients’ cases more effectively than ever before. If you are interested, visit the iLitigate website today, and enjoy the tactical advantage designed for trial lawyers, by trial lawyers.


iLitigate Pricing

iLitigate is available on the Apple App Store for $19.99 per month. Contact us for discount codes for multi-user law firms.