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iLitigate is trial presentation software made for real trial lawyers, by real trial lawyers.


Trial Presentation and Litigation Management Software

Trial presentation software written by trial lawyers for trial lawyers is long overdue. For years, I had been waiting for the big companies in the legal field to adopt modern technology and create tools for trial lawyers that were not only advanced and highly functional but cost-effective. In preparing cases for trial, my team frequently use five or six different applications because none have all of the features we needed to accomplish the job to the degree our clients deserved. So, in 2019, I woke up and said, "If no one else is going to do it, I'll do it myself." That was when the idea of iLitigate was born.

Here were are, four years later, and we are finally rolling out the first version our first product. The idea behind iLitigate is to give litigators all of the tools necessary to manage litigation from front-to-back. Eventually, the software will allow users to review documents, discovery, and depositions, and collaborate with other users in processing information obtained from those documents.

But, the first version of iLitigate already provides a powerful tool for courtroom presentations, allowing you to represent your client to a successful resolution. Effective courtroom presentations can make all the difference when it comes to successfully presenting a case. There is nothing more powerful in trial presentation software and can make a greater impact in trial than iLitigate. With expert features like document review and legal case collaboration, you'll be able to create the highly technical, advanced presentation that the jury wants to see and your client deserves.

iLitigate was built out of the need for a trial tool that has kept up and keeps up with technological advancements. Built for iPads and synchronizing with Dropbox storage, this trial presentation software lets you show the jury what you want them to see. With functionality that allows underlining, highlighting, redacting, and more, this app will give you the courtroom advantage you're looking for

- Tad Thomas
Creator and Trial Lawyer

Designed by Lawyers

iLitigate was designed and created by Tad Thomas, a successful trial lawyer and entrepreneur. Not only has Mr. Thomas been a trial lawyer for 20 years, but he has also been involved in legal technology and start-ups for more than 10. iLitigate was specifically created to be a useful tool in managing litigation and preparing for trial.

Built for iPads

Since they rolled out in 2009, iPads have become an indispensable tool for litigators. From reviewing documents to presenting evidence at trial, iPads are a versatile device that can handle many needs. iLitigate was designed to take advantage of the iPad’s flexibility, power, and user-friendly design to manage litigation and trial.

Storage by Dropbox

Utilizing DropBox’s advanced features, iLitigate allows users to share cases, files, documents, and markups of documents. Staff can add documents to an iLitigate case file through DropBox folders without needing access to the iLitigate platform itself. They can help the trial lawyers organize the file and upload documents to the app on the fly.


Real Trial Lawyers Need

Most trial software is dated and unable to keep up with modern technology. iLitigate is different. This trial presentation software offers the features that lawyers need to build strong presentations and collaborate with each other and their teams. Designed by trial attorneys, this software is built for iPads and offers Dropbox storage options, so you know your information is secure and easily accessible.

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Trial Presentation

There are so many ways to present documents and other exhibits in the courtroom, but not all are created equal. For advanced trial presentation software, you need iLitigate. As technology advances, it’s crucial to adapt and evolve your courtroom presentation skills and abilities to the latest technology. No longer are whiteboards and flipcharts enough to convince a jury of an argument, as jurors expect highly technical and aesthetic presentations. With iLitigate, you’ll be able to implement the level of technology you want while doing things like calling out portions of documents, marking up documents that can be easily shared, collaborating with co-counsel and members of your team, and accessing your presentation wirelessly so you won’t have to worry about tripping over cables or getting tangled up in wires when you’re trying to convey your message. Designed for lawyers by a trial attorney, this app is available for iPads and gives users an advantage in the courtroom by presenting a clearer picture of what you’re trying to prove to the judge and jury.

Document Review

The legal market boasts several expensive, bulky, and advanced platforms for reviewing tens of thousands of pages of documents. The fact of the matter is, most cases can be boiled down to tens or hundreds of documents that are relevant and necessary for courtroom presentation. iLitigate is the perfect tool for managing small to medium-sized cases in terms of document intensity and managing critical documents in larger cases. Cloud-based document management software, like iLitigate, provides law firms with built-in organization for documents, records, case files, and more. iLitigate gives lawyers and paralegals the ability to underline, highlight, redact, call attention to, and leave notes for others on every uploaded document. Because of that, all users can access the information as they need it and make changes.

Legal Case Collaboration

Studies show that both productivity and creativity are heightened when groups can collaborate and share ideas and vision. For attorneys, collaboration is crucial when it comes to successfully litigating cases for clients. Whether you’re working with the other lawyers and paralegals from your firm or you’re litigating a matter with co-counsel from outside of your law firm, it’s important to have access to legal case collaboration software. Working closely together streamlines operations and keeps the ideas flowing. As trial management software, iLitigate features a legal case collaboration feature that’s easy to use across iPads. You’ll be able to ensure everyone has the information they need, so your clients’ cases go as smoothly as possible. In addition to sharing documents, you can make annotations and markup and view changes others have made. All data is securely stored in your Dropbox account, so you won’t have to worry about your information getting accidentally deleted, and support professionals can manage documents without needing access to iLitigate directly.


iLitigate Pricing

iLitigate is available on the Apple App Store for $19.99 per month. Contact us for discount codes for multi-user law firms.