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Document Review Software

Cloud-based document management software provides a built-in organizational system for documents generated in your case investigation or discovery. Before we get into iLitigate and its benefits, let’s take a more comprehensive look at document review software.

What Is Document Review Software?

Discovery is the legal process of obtaining information and exchanging that information and evidence in state and federal courts. With today’s technology, document review software can help attorneys efficiently discover valuable information.

Before being able to store documents electronically, document review was a manual process. Lawyers would meet up with their clients, identify the potentially relevant documents to the case, and haul them away to review them manually. Redactions were made with black markers, and bates stamps were applied with actual stamps. Today, manual collection looks different, but it’s still not the most efficient way to conduct discovery. Lawyers collect electronic files one-by-one, which is time-consuming. In addition to that, review teams are stuck with reviewing vast amounts of unnecessary information.

With document review software, also sometimes called eDiscovery software, you can process, review, tag, and produce electronic documents as part of a lawsuit. With the right software, you’ll be able to discover valuable information regarding your client’s case while reducing your costs, reducing risks, and speeding up resolutions.

The Benefits of Legal Document Review Software

Attorneys and other legal professionals have access to more information about any given matter than ever before. This is primarily because of the advances in technology. Information surfaced during discovery through document review software could be the key to a favorable resolution or winning a case. When you utilize the features of software like iLitigate, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Comply With Ethical Duties. Lawyers regularly deal with sensitive and confidential information. In order to abide by the obligation to keep client information secure, it’s important to have access to tools like documents review software. Courts are also increasingly critical of the inefficient manual processes, so compliance will ensure a smooth trial process.
  • Avoid Sanctions. When discovery is done wrong, sanctions are likely to follow. With document review software, you can avoid mistakes and expensive sanctions.
  • Save Time and Money. In the legal profession, time is money. Using a powerful document review software will allow you to do more work in a shorter period of time, which is both client- and firm-friendly.
  • Provide Quality Legal Representation. When you can uncover valuable evidence efficiently, you’ll be able to focus more on building a strong case for your client and improving their chances of a successful lawsuit.

To understand how you’ll access those benefits, let’s now examine how document review works in iLitigate.

iLitigate as Document Review Software

iLitigate is not a typical document review software. It adapts to the user’s needs, essentially on a case-by-case basis. You’ll have the ability to underline, highlight, redact, call attention to, and leave notes for other users on each document. This way, your team can look at all the discovery, medical records, and other important information simultaneously so that everyone will be on the same page.

With storage through Dropbox, you won’t have to worry about secure data getting into the wrong hands or being unable to pull up a document when you need it most. Instead, your documents will be protected, and you’ll be able to share them with only the relevant parties. In regard to calling up documents, there are instances where, no matter how prepared you are, you have to find information on the fly. With iLitigate, you won’t have to panic or sort through hundreds of thousands of documents.

Every case comes with its unique challenges, and every lawyer has tools in their arsenal that they use to solve those problems. Whether you still manually review documents or you use a form of eDiscovery, you’ll want to give iLitigate a try. You’ll quickly discover just how essential the software is to your law firm. For more information, contact us today.


iLitigate Pricing

iLitigate is available on the Apple App Store for $19.99 per month. Contact us for discount codes for multi-user law firms.